O Mestre Ensina

This channel is intended for all martial arts lovers, whether men or women, practitioners to enrich their knowledge as beginners in order to acquire many of its benefits.

Mestre Gomes Neto aims to take this channel O MASTER TEACHES martial arts classes, which involves martial modalities like Kung Fu bringing a complexity of extremely versatile and efficient techniques in defenses and high performance attacks, not only involves kung fu as other martial arts giants like Jiu Jitsu submission, Muay Thai, Sanda Chinese Boxing (Sanshou) (kickboxing areas), Shuai Jiao (projection techniques), Military Self Defense (Armed Forces) and (Military Police). Here you will learn self-defense techniques, application philosophy for life, functional physical conditioning, technical training for development, etc. Martial arts have ancient origins and were used throughout this time for wars, self-defense

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