Radio WXSJ973 Miami



MIAMI’S TOP 40 HITS STATION, YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC, YOUR HITS We broadcast the best international pop hits in total of 40, hip-hop, rock and indie music. We stream music videos (clips) from our extensive video library. Listen to our music, watch videos, podcasts, sports, news and comedy with new content daily.

DISCOVER NEW SONGS with the WXSJ 97.3 radio that is constantly looking for the “next big song” program directors have been listening to a lot of songs to find the “rough diamond” and bring them into the spotlight. We have an extensive list of bands and independent recording artists to enhance your listening experience.

Listen to your favorite old school songs from millions of people’s favorite artists, plus new tracks released, fresh to the world. We at WXSJ 97.3 focus on highlighting successful artists who are actively making music, even if their music is not on the Billboard 100, we will continue to play and promote the artist and lead the way.

WXSJ 97.3 Sunshine Jamz Miami has partnered with 77TV, an international online TV broadcasting station that offers the best music, news and TV content worldwide.
We are also expanding our brand of radio WXSJ 97.3 worldwide, with countries expanding in 2019 like Brazil, Italy and the United Kingdom. This will give us direct control over these amazing new countries for artists and music releases. With our original programming assigned to the radio station, we can broadcast live shows, podcasts and exclusive interviews behind the scenes, offering listeners a personal and up-to-date experience.

We go wherever you go, whether you’re in the car, at work or in the company of friends, WXSJ 97.3 Sunshine Jamz plays on any web browser and is available on our website, relax and enjoy the trails!

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